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What is it? Video demo of a prototype tool

What does it allow you to do? Gain inspiration for future projects

Cost? Free

Who is it for?

How will the warming global climate affect heritage sites in the future? ClimSim is a prototype tool that can help show viewers what the landscape around them may well look like if the global temperature rises by 3 or even 6 degrees Celsius.

What is it? Online tool

What does it allow you to do? Create location-based heritage treasure hunt games

Cost? Free trial, publishing a game to the app store starts from €69 per day to €990 for a year depending on the duration and number of games required

Who is it for?

What is TurfHunt?

TurfHunt is a scavenger hunt game app designed to bring the traditional scavenger hunt game into the 21st century. The TurfHunt app has been used across the world and has many features including multiple game play modes and challenge types. The games are great for encouraging on location engagement and learning with games available both indoor or outdoor using GPS or BLE beacons to trigger game challenges.

Games can be played offline without an internet connection or online competitively with a scoreboard. Choose from various challenge types such as photo challenges (photo, sticker or drawing), multiple choice or single answer text questions and mini games like memory cards. All challenges can be linked together to play in a specific order or played at random.

TurfHunt is perfect for events, tourism and education purposes. The app can be used by anyone who wants to bring people together to explore on location, engaging with heritage and the environment in a fun and innovative way.

Getting started with TurfHunt

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What is it? Guidelines

What does it allow you to do? Digitise 3D objects using photogrammetry

Cost? Free, although you may need to buy some equipment for the photogrammetry

Who is it for?

Museums and heritage organisations often care for collections of intriguing and amazing objects, kept safe in their buildings. But imagine what more we could do if we could take these objects out of the museum back to the places where they were made and used, or share them with more people than could visit in person, or re-imagine their original surroundings: 3D digitisation of objects opens up all of these possibilities.

This toolkit contains guidelines on photogrammetry – a process of making 3D digital models by taking many photos with a conventional camera and then feeding those photos through some specific software. You can also see some of the 3D models we made of artefacts relating to our case study sites and explore links to other information and guides. 

This toolkit was brought to you by CINE and partners: